Friday, August 17, 2018

Grandmother and friend!

 This spitfire of a 92 year old graduated to Heaven on August 6th. She was the most wonderful grandmother and friend! We had the opportunity to attend her viewing and burial in Reno/Fernley Nevada over the weekend. We also had the opportunity to dress her in her beautiful temple clothes before she was laid to rest. Henry was able to share a few words at her burial, which we almost missed because he decided to take a bath that morning... and was able to dedicate her and grandpas gravesite in Fernley, NV. So many crazy memories from broken caskets arriving from Salt Lake, to Cheryl and I dressing Grandma, to the viewing theatrics by Henry. It was a couple of days we will never forget. And we will never forget the wonderful woman it was all for.

Link to Obituary

After her burial the family went to the WigWam casino for lunch in Fernley. They had the best banana milkshakes ever!

Picture taken same day at the Peppermill where we were staying. Love this picture of Henry and his Mom!

Here were the thoughts Henry shared at the memorial service

Thank you all for coming.

What can I say about this sweet woman who was more than my grandmother, she was my best friend.

  • She was always the Life of the party
  • She loved to dance
  • She loved her family and friends
  • She loved to play bingo, slots, go to Charlestown, Vegas
  • She loved sweets especially chocolate
  • She had a great sense of humor and could always make everyone laugh
  • She always prayed for everyone and even when she wasn’t well she would still say how grateful she was to live another day
  • Even in her last days she was still cracking jokes

Some of my fondest memories are when we…
Weekend visits
Las Vegas trip
Countless phone calls
Birthday cards with personal signature of a small likeness of herself, didn’t matter how little she had she always gave
Loved to give kisses on the neck

Even though I made her absolutely crazy most of the time I believe she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She loved to remind me that when I was three years old she said henry don’t you jump in that puddle and I did anyway.

She loved her family and friends and was always praying for everyone.

Her children and grandchildren and great grand children were her greatest joy

I am so grateful for the opportunity Kara and I had to visit her a couple months ago and give Grandma a priesthood blessing of comfort. I know through that experience that grandpa was watching over her.

I know that she is with Grandpa and her Mom and Dad and siblings and Nancy and Georgeanna. I know she is at peace and out of pain.

Grandma we love you and will miss you everyday.

You truly brought so much light and joy to this existence and we were so blessed that you were apart of our lives here on earth. And pray that we can continue to make you proud and honor your legacy as you watch over us.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Temple Day

Henry and I woke up early for a 6am session at the Reno Temple. Such a peaceful spirit was felt before we would be dressing Grandma that day. So glad we went.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More Fun in Tahoe

 More Tahoe adventures. We rode the Gondola up Heavenly Ski Resort where we caught a chairlift to the top of the mountain. Then since we didn't have to get off, we went around on the chairlift 12 more times! It was such a beautiful view and day we couldn't bring ourselves to leave until they closed.

On an adventurous drive we stumbled upon this beautiful place called Hidden Leaf Lake. 

Food truck we stopped at for lunch.

Base Camp Pizza! Super good Spinach Artichoke Cheese Dip! And fun water glasses.
While doing laundry before heading to reno we had Goodfellas pizza. This is what I found in the woman's bathroom.... too funny.

Fun in Tahoe

Lots of fun playing mini golf all 28 holes in Tahoe! We both got a couple holes in one! Then played some arcade games of course!

Our Trip would not have been complete without running into a couple of saints!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Our Tahoe Visit!

We had an awesome lakefront/beachfront access out our door to Lake Tahoe for 3 nights!
 Gorgeous Sunsets!

Donut shop at our hotel Glazed and Confused! So Good and So Dangerous!