Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy 36th Birthday Henry and Trip to Virginia!

Lunch At Bahama Breeze- Love that Smile!

Tony's Pizza! If you can't fold the slice, it is not real pizza!

Coolest Dog Toy Ever! From Cheryl!

Nice Beanie Hen

This was a picture of Hen at CoCo's bday party, he made tons of snowcones for all the girls! He was a hit!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hen had a special 757 training in Seattle so I went to visit him there for the weekend. It was fun to see the sites and visit with our old roommates.
We had dinner at Wally's Chowder House and Grazie's, highly recommend! We went on a harbor cruise, shopped pike's market, checked out the seattle aquarium, chahulily museum, space needle, and pop museum. We crammed alot in a short time, but we had a blast.


Found the best mac and cheese at Pike's Place Market!

Normandy 1st Ward


The Pop Museum, very cool!

Hen loved the Star Trek Exhibit

There is random artwork all over seattle, wonder if the artist's name is henry...

Friday, May 26, 2017

St George

Got a chance to go to St. George with my mom, sister and CoCo for a weekend getaway.
Stopped at the Scipio petting zoo on the way down, that was one big camel!
 Took pictures on the St. George Temple grounds after church on Sunday.