Friday, February 15, 2019

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

February 8-15
This was quite the trip! We used a certificate from our membership with Holland America and only had to pay taxes for the week at the Grand Mayan Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Resort. This place was so huge it was like a mini city, complete with lazy river, 10 pools, great beach, great food, and it's own grocery store. The resort had beautiful vegetation all over. We had a great room complete with it's own plunge pool on the balcony and complete kitchen. But with all things in life, when things are too good to be true they usually are. After not even being there 24 hours, we were conned into a breakfast that turned into a 6 hour sales presentation with the most aggressive salesmen I have ever met. It was so awful. We almost cut our trip short and came home, but decided to stick it out. The rest of the week was great until the end. Great weather, pool days, beach days, fishing, great food. It was all great until the last day of our trip, poor Henry got extremely ill and dehydrated, to the point that as soon as we were back in the states we rushed him straight to the ER where he received 4 bags of IV to get his fluids back to a healthy level. I'm happy to report he is doing well and back to his old self again. But it is best to try to remember the good times, as it was nice to get away from the cold and the moving boxes and the stress of work and life. We are grateful we were able to go and spend some good time together.

Pool Day!

A night out!

Beach day!

Fishing day! We chartered a boat for just the two of us and these were the first 2 fish we caught that morning! Then caught atleast 10 more fish. We saw humpback whales and dolphins too! We had a great time on the water!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Pups in the new house

Getting adjusted... Charlie seems to be unphased. This has definitely been harder on Lily poor thing. She keeps going to the garage door like she is saying can we go home now? So sad. She hasn’t been able to figure out the new door dog either. on top of having a bad tummy ache. Pray tomorrow is a better day for her.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Nephew Bryce got Baptized!

Love my nieces and nephews! So blessed to have been here for Bryce’s baptism in Virginia! I also had the opportunity to give the Holy Ghost talk at his baptism. It was alot of fun.

I need a volunteer.
1-Do you think this bag is empty?
2-how do you know it is not empty?
But you can’t see anything
3-what does it feel like?
This is like the Holy Ghost- even though we cannot see him with our eyes, we can feel him, sometimes even hear him in our minds and hearts.
This is also like the Holy Ghost because he feels differently to everyone.
Who can tell me what this is a picture of?
Does anyone see the Holy Ghost in this picture?
Why don’t we see him there, he is an important member of the Godhead?
Because he does not have a body of flesh and bones. How do we know that?
The scriptures teach us in D&C 130:22.
Because the Holy Ghost has the ability to dwell in us, he can help us do many things.
One of his most important jobs is to teach us what is true, by doing this he helps us build our testimonies.
Need a volunteer.
This glove represents the Holy Ghost, and it is only through him we can know that these things are true.
The first truth the Holy Ghost teaches us is that Heavenly Father lives. That he knows each one of us and loves us and hears our prayers and answers them.
The second truth the Holy Ghost teaches us is that Jesus Christ is the Son of our Heavenly Father.
Can anyone tell me anything else we know about Jesus?
Jesus created the earth, taught us to live, and gave his life so that we might live with him and Heavenly Father again. Because of his sacrifice we can be baptized and be forgiven of our sins.
The third truth is that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the sacred grove and is a prophet of God who was called to restore the gospel and translate what book? Yes, the book of Mormon.
The fourth truth is that the Temple is the house of the Lord and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Saviors true church on the earth today.
What are some things we can do in the temple?
Fifth, the Holy Ghost teaches us that as members we will always be led by a living prophet.
Who is our prophet today?
As we listen to President Russell M Nelson and strive to follow his teachings, the Holy Ghost will help us to choose the right.
So the Holy Ghost helps us to know what is true. How does he do this? D&C 8:2.
Yes, he teaches us in our mind and in our heart. This is how we know that we should follow the Saviors example and be baptized.
So what do you think, can people who have not been baptized feel the influence of the Holy Ghost? Yes, but he is not yet their constant companion.
As if the Holy Ghost wasn’t busy enough, helping us to know what is true, is not his only job.
·       He helps us to feel the love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us.
·       He also comforts us when we are sad or afraid,
·       he helps us to feel joy and peace when we choose the right, especially when we get baptized
·       he helps us to feel bad when we have done something wrong so that we will know when to repent,
·        he can also warn us of danger.
·        And can help us to remember important things that we have learned.
The Holy Ghost has been known to speak to us in a still small voice. So we must listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost by paying attention to thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts and keeping them as clean as possible.
This coin represents the Holy Ghost. This jar represents us before we get baptized.
Tap coins on the side of the jar. The Holy Ghost can influence us before our baptism. Once we are baptized he can dwell in us.
Can you hear that pretty clearly? After we are baptized and made clean it is easy for the Holy Ghost to communicate with us.
As life goes on, if we start to fill our lives with distractions and sins like this dirt, it becomes harder and harder to hear and feel the Holy Ghost.
What are some ways we can get rid of this dirt? Take the sacrament, do service for someone, read our scriptures, repent, be obedient
The Holy Ghost is one of the greatest gifts we are given on this earth. He is truly my friend and yours and will help you with anything you are in need as long as we are trying to do what is right.
I have a testimony of our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ, I know that they are real and true. I have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and know that they are real and true. I have a testimony of our temples, our church and our prophet, all because of the power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is my best friend and has been there with me through the hard times and the good times. Sometimes like today I am moved to tears because he helps me feel the love our Savior has for all of us.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.